Drewbuzz Alarm

Drewbuzz Alarm Beta

Desktop alarm clock with snooze!


  • Uncomplicated, back to basics alarm


  • Can set alarms only one at a time
  • Very limited use!

Not bad

Do you find yourself dozing in front of your computer? If you need to take a power-nap while working, Drewbuzz Alarm may be the solution.

This Beta release is a totally basic desktop alarm clock. You can set the alarm time, or use the 'easy' alarm to go off in 5, 10 or 15 minutes (and so on). Your alarm will either be a siren sound, or the audio file of your choice. You can also set an on screen text alarm. When the alarm sounds, you can either close it, or like a real alarm clock, press 'Snooze', which can be set for however long you want.

Of course, you could also use this to remind you to go to the dentist, or leave for a meeting, although there are plenty of other more flexible programs that do this. While Drewbuzz Alarm is really easy to use, as you can only set one alarm at a time, it certainly has limited uses.

Obviously, this would be quite irritating in an office, but we'd hope people don't sleep in their offices!

If you think you need an alarm on your desktop, this will do the job!

Drewbuzz Alarm


Drewbuzz Alarm Beta

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